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I have officially started interning. One week down, eight weeks left to prove myself, learn a lot, and feel really cool working in an investment bank in Canary Wharf. Of course this means I’ll be updating the blog a bit less, but I will still be around! There are already so many e-mails that have piled up that I need to attend to.


    NEW LOOK Top, Bag and Skirt

This week was mainly focused around training, meeting the other interns, and getting acquainted with our desks. I can already predict that the work is slowly going to start to pile up. A couple of my friends were shocked to hear that the other interns were actually nice. Of course the media paints this picture of absolutely everyone even affiliated with investment banking being cocky, selfish and (too) money obsessed, but that is really not the case.

For this outfit I wore this off the shoulder crop top from New Look that I bought recently under the false belief that the amount my bank account was telling me I was overdrawn, was actually the amount of money I had in my account at the time. Absolutely no regrets. I am such a big lover of crop tops, stripes, and off the shoulder tops – making this the most perfect combination.

Now I’m off to respond to e-mails, have a nap, then go to the gym – really need to try and get fit before I’m off on holiday in September!

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  1. I love this outfit so much! Stripes, skater skirts, and crop tops are some of my favorite combinations. I been interning this summer, and it’s been a blast. Good luck at your internship! It’s such a great learning experience.

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