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Typically, around about this time when the year is starting to wrap up, it’s quite a standard thing to say that the year has just ‘flown by’. But for me personally, this has not been a quick year. It’s been a year definitely full of success and a lot of great moments, but for the most part, it’s been a year packed with stress and drama, and I can’t wait to start on a real clean slate next year. Expect a few yearly round-up, summary and thoughtful posts to come up within the next few weeks, but for now, of course, an outfit post…

When I went to New York some years back, the first thing I took a photo of was a yellow taxi; after only ever seeing this on TV – this just seemed like an absolutely fundamental thing to snap. Occasionally, walking around Central London, I spot people taking photos of what may seem like the most basic and not-really-special-at-all things to me, someone that has lived in London for 20 years, like a black cab, red bus or red telephone box; and it always makes me remember when I was the one jumping up and down at seeing a yellow taxi a few years back. So, when I noticed these telephone boxes near my university last week, I thought I’d utilise the opportunity and take some outfit photos with the boxes as an added prop.

ZARA Boots
NEW LOOK Jacket*

I’m wearing a necklace here that was kindly sent over to me by Cherry Diva recently, it’s not the clearest photo, and some clearer photos of the items sent can be seen on my Instagram, but their items have been a nice addition to my usually very minimalist jewellery collection. I’m really not much of a statement jewellery piece wearer these days, but I really do love a lot of the items on the Cherry Diva website.

I matched this outfit up with my pink New Look coat to bring a bit of colour to what was a very monochrome look, and of course paired it with my Zara knee highs which I’ve been wearing non-stop recently.

Are you more a minimalist or statement jewellery piece wearer?

Photos: DevCartoon


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