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When it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories, they can take up the major portion of our budget.
So, when it comes to shopping for your accessories, you really need some clever ideas to save yourself from overspending…

1. Shop using cash
Many of us have the habit of shopping for things using credit cards, and this can lead to struggle every month when it comes to paying the minimum amount. When you go shopping for accessories, try to only use cash. This can save you from overspending, as you have to spend within your own budget. Thus, you have what you want and the cards take a rest in the drawers.

2. Know what you have and what you don’t have
I know that it may sound crazy, but make a list of the things that you have and that you don’t have before you start shopping. It may have happened many times with you that you end up buying something that you either already own or own a similar item. So the time you go for shopping, you only buy what you don’t have. Moreover, make sure to buy accessories that will go with at least three of your outfits, this way you can save yourself from overspending, whilst having accessories that can be used multiple times.

3. Go for the in-store offers
When it comes to brick and mortar stores, they give away more offers compared to the online stores. The reason for this is that a brick and mortar store comes with a limited space and so they need to update their stock every now and then, given this – sales and discounts helps them to attract more customers and clear off their stock. It is much better to go to a store before checking out for accessories online.

4. Use coupons while shopping
One of the best ways to save money while shopping is by using the coupons and promotional codes – so always keep an eye on the promotions offered by your favorite store. Signing up for the newsletters at the store will help you to get the offers directly to your inbox; this way you will be able to keep yourself updated compared to the general public. There are also many websites that gives away coupon codes, so check out them to find better deals for your favorite store, and if you’re not shy, then you can directly ask for discounts directly in store.

4. Be aware of shopping season
There are times when shopping becomes very cheap and best deals are available for less – so wait for such time when you’re planning your shopping. Normally it happens twice a year but there are small changes throughout the year – once the products are on the sale you can go for them. Remember that the more the time product remains on sale, the less it will cost. So if you are good at taking risk, wait till the end of the sale and grab accessories for less.

5. Compare the prices
If you find something interesting, check out its price in other shops. Some shops may end up offering good discount on the product. If you are looking for accessories, Pink Boutique deals are something that you cannot say no to. Such stores will have products at prices so low you will be left stunned.

6. Take care of your accessories
One of the best ways to save yourself from spending more is by taking care of your accessories. For example – clean your bag, and they can last for longer. Keep your shoes clean by spraying anti-fungal on them. Turn your old necklaces into bracelets or earrings. Maybe even add a few pieces to your necklaces to upgrade them into new necklaces.

Shopping is always fun, but to make the best use of it is something you need to know how to do!

I hope you find these tips useful!
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