It’s been a while! I came back from an amazing trip to Malta yesterday (come back with a cold, what are the odds), and headed straight off to my university’s graduation ball in the evening. This graduating thing… it’s all becoming very real now. I really want to share my university experience and will be doing that soon, I’m just not sure yet if I will put it in written or video form! I intended to plan and pre-write a lot of posts whilst I was away, but for a few reasons, I was unable to. So, although I’m upset that my summer off hopping around in other countries is almost done, I’m excited to get my head stuck back into Skylish again…

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JD Williams Dress – shop exact*
JD Williams Boots – shop exact*

The dress above is from JD Williams, they sell tons of patterned dresses that you can definitely check out. I’m not much of a ‘patterns’ girl as I tend to keep my style quite simple, and often very monochrome, so this is definitely a dress that is a step out of the box for me. Styled here with some tights and black ankle boots (also from JD Williams and I love them), as of course, living in London means you never really get a summer, so you can always afford to layer it up a bit. The dress is actually a bit longer than this but I used a few pins to get it shorter and tighter, as I was wearing quite thick black tights, I felt that a long dress, with the tights, was definitely making me look a little as if I was going to church, which wasn’t quite the look I was going for.

If I was going to wear this dress on holiday I would take off the pins and let it flow freely in its full length (it’s just above the knee, and a skater style dress). Of course the tights would have to come off, but the ankle boots can remain if you’re out in the evening. If you’ll be out during the day, I’d suggest pairing these instead with some cute sandals, you can find all of these pieces on JD Wiliams of course!

In other news, I actually have quite a few posts planned and coming up. This includes a few more collaborations, some guest posts and a few round ups of my summer and trips abroad. It feels good to be back!

  1. Love this print, the dress is gorgeous on you! You seem so lovely and have a great blog too, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x

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