Three years of uni – over. It feels like it was only the other day I was looking forward to turning up in freshers week, and now here I am – 21, about to graduate, and about to start the rest of my life that I’ve spent 21 years in education preparing for. I’m currently in Portugal and have two more holidays coming up, but I’m going to try and upload some quick posts whenever I can over these next few weeks.

So, now uni’s over, I guess the question is – what now?

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In August/September, I’m going to be starting a full time job in investment banking. We’ve all heard about the horrendous hours in IB, however the team I’m likely to be going into has much more of a work hard play hard type of situation going on. This means I’ll actually still have time to do other things – be it hanging out with my friends and family, or working on my own projects and expanding Skylish.

What’s happening with Skylish? I’m going to try and post more regularly now, hopefully at least three times a week. I just need to get myself organised and schedule my time whilst working full-time. I’m going to also start selling designs for fellow bloggers, as well as web and business owners. I used to sell graphic designs and codes when I was a bit younger, but now I’ll just keep it down to the design, and anyone interested will be able to purchase headers, logos, icons, the lot. Secondly, my boyfriend and I are working on launching a media platform that we’re currently trying to get our heads around but are really excited about. YouTube is also something I’m considering, it’s just a real question about how I would differentiate myself in a very saturated market.

In short – there’s a lot I want to do, both on the corporate and on the creative side, and I’m very excited (and nervous) to start building everything.

A few quick snaps here from a outfit I shot during exam season. The weather in England is so terrible that my winter coat has really had to make a reappearance out here. The brown toned skirt adds just a slightly more interesting touch to an otherwise completely monotone outfit. My favourite part of this skirt has definitely go to be the zip detail – I purchased it almost a year ago in ASOS to help add some life to my summer wardrobe.

Anddd, with that – I’m off to dinner! Hope you’re all as excited for the changes to come as I am!

“I want Skylish to be a hub for women – that will inspire, support and encourage be it through fashion, beauty, advice or self-motivation.”

  1. Congratulations on starting full time in September and good luck, I’m sure you’ll settle into everything quickly šŸ™‚ I’m really excited to see the expansion of Skylish x


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