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There’s nothing worse than opening up your wardrobe whilst getting ready for a night out before that sinking feeling sets in as you realise that you have nothing suitable to wear. Everything you own has either been worn to death or is simply out of style or not wearable in this season. As the winter months come, they bring plenty of events from office parties to family gatherings and it’s important that you are prepared! Whatever you have planned this winter, hopefully these outfit ideas will provide ample inspiration for your wardrobe related blues…

Get glammed up for a winter ball

Universities tend to go all-out for their winter balls and it is the perfect opportunity to get glammed up with your friends for a night on the town. It might be tempting to wear something similar to an ordinary night out, but this is an annual event and deserves to be treated accordingly! This could mean splashing out on something a bit more special, trawling the vintage shops to find something totally unique or a floor length gown.

Bring your winning outfit to the casino

When you’re headed to the casino for a fun and different night out with friends, you want to bring a winning outfit. Treat it as you would an ordinary night out, dressing for success and maximising your confidence. Feeling confident will help you enjoy the night out, even if your poker skills are somewhat lacking! Of course before you set off to the casino, it might be an idea to put some practice in on an online casino. Whether your game is poker, blackjack or having some fun on Betway slots it is super easy to sign up and there is ample opportunity to ensure that you’re at your best for the casino night in town through playing them online. There’s also the option to enjoy a game of bingo if you want a change of pace!

Feeling fancy for the theatre

If you’re feeling cultural this winter, you may have a trip to the theatre or opera planned. Whilst the dress code varies between establishments, it is a fairly safe bet to assume that smart / casual outfits would be best suited. This could mean a gorgeous dress from ASOS, or a nice skirt paired with a pretty blouse, such as this one from Oasis.

Fun and festive for the Christmas party

The dress code for the office Christmas party varies vastly between offices, so if you’ve just joined the company try and get the low-down on what to expect from your colleagues. Nobody wants to be the weirdo who turns up dressed as Rudolf or wearing a Christmas jumper when everyone else is in their glad-rags! Thankfully Next and Missguided have assembled a selection of Christmas party wear to help you choose.


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