All Black

I think the days of outfit photos in my room, using my tripod with my door as a backdrop, are slowly coming to an end. I really want to develop this blog, and that means taking better quality photos, in better locations, and dragging whichever friend out to take them for me that I can find. The other day I met up with an old friend I literally hadn’t seen since 2014, we had our traditional Nando’s catch up sesh, then wondered around King’s Cross until we found a good location to take photos.


Photos: Amanie Allure

NEW LOOK Boots and Coat*

I actually wore a very similar outfit out a week or so ago to the first night out I’d had post exams – the first night out I’d had in literally 10 weeks. I went for an all black look, brightening things up only with this gold necklace that my mum gave to me when I told her I was bored of my wardrobe.

Summer is here and exams are over but chill time is still very limited. Between meeting friends, going out and running around Canary Wharf going to different pre-internship sessions, I really have not had much chill time. Any chill time I do get I will probably spend napping or doing even more internship prep. But as much as I complain I really do love keeping busy and being proactive.

Now to nap, go back to Canary Wharf for a networking session, head to the Mela Loves London website launch party then spend a chill night in!


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