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I don’t know why, but I really love reading about other people’s daily routines. Maybe because I’m genuinely just that nosy, or because I sometimes take bits and pieces from everyone’s routines and drop them into my own – but routine videos/blogs are some of my favourite to read. I’ve been pondering over doing my own for some time and wondered whether or not my life was way too boring to share. But eventually decided to write some bits and pieces up.

A day in the life – here’s what I really get up to…

6.00-6.20AM Wake Up

I typically roll out of bed around 6.20am and without a doubt the first thing I do is check Instagram and occasionally Snapchat. If work is particularly busy, I’ll also check my BlackBerry/work e-mails first thing. I like to start my mornings with a workout, not just because they get me set for the day (endorphins, ya’ll) but also because I sometimes struggle to get a workout in if it’s not the first thing I get out of the way in the morning. I usually use YouTube videos to follow for my workouts and split my days depending on what I want to focus on e.g. legs/upper body/booty/cardio – you get the drift. In terms of equipment I just use dumbbells or resistance bands, and in terms of my favourite videos to watch/follow a few of my faves include Cassie Ho, Whitney Simmons, Grace Beverly and Hannah Oeberg, however I’m always discovering new names and trying out new workouts.

Now on the weekends, I sleep in. Since I’m used to waking up so early during the week I usually can’t help but get up by 8am, but I always try and force myself back to sleep. I work so hard/intensively during the week that I really can’t put into words just how much I cherish my weekends and the chill times the weekends bring. If you don’t manage to get back to sleep you’ll either find me on my phone, or annoying Levi who manages to sleep for 100 hours a day; we almost always spend weekends together albeit going off for our own plans if it’s a busy weekend.


8.00AM: Start Work

So I start work around 8am. I actually try and aim to get to work around 7.45am on most days but it never really works out. Conveniently, I work within 15 minutes walking distance from my flat so I’m usually able to get ready fairly quickly after my workout (although usually distracted by YouTube videos, oops), and power walk it to work. A day at work can be fairly unpredictable; it’s typically either too busy, or very quiet – and there really isn’t much of a middle ground (and it’s usually the former…) Most days I come into work and know in my head exactly what I want to get done (due to my growing TDL that is rarely fully checked off by the time I leave the office), but it’s very normal for things to be thrown on my plate from anywhere over the course of the day. Actually one thing I’ve learned from working full time is the importance of prioritizing – doing what’s important versus doing what you’d prefer to do. Another thing I’ll make some time to do during the morning time at my desk is schedule some Twitter posts, almost always via Buffer, this way I can promote my posts even whilst I’m in a meeting.

On the weekends my timetable can vary. If I’m spending the day at home I’ll probably start my day off with some videos before moving onto sorting out my (blogging) inbox. I’m pretty good with e-mails during the week but I always like to just use the weekends to just go through everything, clear my head and set a plan for what I need to do. Then I’ll split my time between writing posts (I try to do one on Saturday and one on Sunday, although typically I only get one done a weekend), and working on biz-ness plans. My life is totally dedicated to blogging/other ventures on the weekends so this could mean shooting, meetings and events all packed into those 2 days. The ironic thing about shooting is that as glam as the shots may look – I hate shooting! I lovee my photographer Marianne and catching up with her, but the actual shooting part? 1) It’s stressful changing into multiple outfits, 2) London weather is usually shite and 3) it’s only one hour but somehow seems so long and tiring especially after travelling to different locations. But saying that, I always love the results.


12PM: Lunch

Lunch is almost always a constant battle of me trying to walk away from unhealthy foods. I try my hardest to save my pigging out until Friday evenings which always mark cheat meal time with Levi.


7.30-8.00PM: Leave Work and Go to the Gym

I work in Investment Banking, where the hours can be unpredictable and at times not the best. On average I’d say I leave the office around 7.30-8.00ish pm (or earlier if we all decide to go out for drinks… and later if we’re on a deal or have meetings); generally it fluctuates with the season. A few days during the week I’ll supplement my morning home workout with a very quick workout in the gym. I’m not sure how long I will keep up the double workouts for, as rest is important of course, but I’ve decided to work on it for now as I want to focus a bit more on HIIT to just cut. I also typically switch my morning home workouts to a gym workout on Sundays.


~8.30-9.00PM: Home & Dinner

At work we get to order a free dinner if we stay past 8.00pm; I remember when I first joined I thought this was the most exciting thing ever. You’re telling me I can eat restaurant food almost everyday of the week… for free?! But the novelty soon wears off, yes is it very possible to get absolutely sick of eating takeout. Because of this, I actually cook my own dinner most days of the week, even if it means starving until I get home. I actually genuinely prefer my own food and cooking to most of the restaurants on offer. I’m most likely, most probably, almost always – eating chicken.

On the weekends I tend to have an earlier dinner and will usually cook something up with Levi if we’re both around in the evenings and either i) don’t have other plans or ii) aren’t so lazy that we just order on Deliveroo. We both have our own specialities- for e.g. I am the absolute master of spaghetti and meatballs but I’ll give it up to him for some very decent steak skills.


10.30PM – Wind Down

Finally – it’s wind down time.

On the weekdays I actually will still be working past 10:30pm on my own projects (for e.g. it’s 11.00pm right now as I write up this post), which could just mean doing all the things I do on the weekend, shifted forward a bit. I try and make sure I haven’t missed out on any e-mails during the day (it happens), I browse social media (actually I do this almost constantly all day), and I always try and take some time out to discover new blogs and respond to any comments. Wind down time truly means binge watching a bunch of very random YouTube videos.

Then I get up… and do it all over again.


12.00AM – 1:00AM: Shleeep

And given what time I wake up, you’ll see I don’t get much of this until the weekends…

What does you average day look like?

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