I think I’ve finally learned to appreciate the saying – “TGIF”. University is really not the same as work. In university a 9am is just ridiculously, absurdly early and just never ever going to happen. In work, getting in post 8.30am, especially at junior level, is just unheard of. Waking up at the time I’d usually be in the office by on a Saturday? Beautiful.

There are a couple thing in regards to fashion that I’ve always been a bit too scared to try. The first thing is – coloured blazers. I’ve always just wanted a bright pink blazer, or a coral blazer, to match with my outfits; but have always managed to convince myself that I wouldn’t be able to style it. Second – patterned leggings. I’ve always wanted to rock some type of floral, patterned leggings but have always talked myself out of buying them. The last thing was a big floppy hat, I always felt they looked really cool but convinced myself they wouldn’t suit me, then a few weeks ago I went shopping with my boyfriend, he picked one up on my behalf and told me that they’re cool and we’re buying it.

TOPSHOP Crop Top and Hat
ASOS Skirt
NEW LOOK Jacket*
FIRMOO Sunglasses*

Special requested mention to my boyfriend for being my photographer for the day. Plans today are to sleep, gym, then head out for a shoot with Citoyenne. Have a wonderfulllll weekend.


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