Hyde Park and Chit Chat

It’s been a whileee. As soon as my internship ended, I flew off to Cyprus with some of my girls for some sun, beaches and clubbing. I got back a few days ago and immediately ran back to central London for the weekend to start packing and moving myself out of my dingy second year flat, into my shiny new third year flat. I figured I would update with an outfit post, and some general chit chat.

    ASOS Top and Skirt
    NEW LOOK Jacket*
    OFFICE Boots

This ring was kindly sent to me by the team over at House of Fraser. It was sent at the most perfect time, as I was actually searching for an ‘everyday ring’. The rings I usually buy are bought in bulks – packs of at least 3. But after a few weeks pass, they always lose their colour. So I decided, instead of spending £15 on packs from high street stores, I would just drop a good £30+ on one good quality ring, and that is what you see here from HoF.

I’m making changes. I say this all the time, but I really want to power through with improving the quality of this blog in all possible ways. That is why you see just one photo, out of a total of 20+ that were taken yesterday by my friend Andre. I want everything of this blog to be of the highest quality.

University officially starts in about two weeks. I am going in to my third and final year… how depressing. Time has flown by ridiculously fast, and next year I’ll be graduating and going into a job, where you only get 28 days of holiday a year. My only hope for this year is that I can stay on top of all of my work, and have a stress free year to override the disastrously dramatic year that was second year. I just want to re-start uni on a clean slate, with a fresh mind, and build on that.

Finally, London Fashion Week starts next week! I have some shows lined up which should be pretty cool if I can (hopefully) attend them all!

My giveaway with Maple Holistics ends tomorrow – don’t forget to enter here!


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