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I’ve been churning out a lot of advice and general lifestyle posts recently that have been getting a great reception – but I’ve decided to cool it for a week, and instead just share a general life update! 2017 has kick started into extreme busyness, events, an thoughts about the future; and with so much going on, I thought it would be good to get all my thoughts written down for a blog…



For a little while now I’ve been sticking to a schedule with my blog and blogging every Monday and Thursday, and at the end of 2016 I even did an end-of-year breakdown where I blogged 5 days in a row. Let me tell you… it’s tiring. Shooting and writing posts over the weekend then coming back after long days at work to edit and post them actually does take a toll and sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m working two jobs at the same time. I love doing it, but feel sometimes like I’ll just pass out one day from exhaustion (jk, but you get the gist…) On the other hand, my blog has been growing and I’m loving the direction it’s going in. With better quality content thanks to my schedule and amazing photographer, it of course feels like the time and tiredness is all and investment that’s going to be worth it! Some cool things that have happened recently as a result of this blog include this “GIRL POWER” interview with Subomi Salami, an upcoming interview with Black British Bloggers and even getting recognized when out and about!

I’m thinking of doing a blogging Q&A, so if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below, post them here or e-mail me at



When I first started work after the new year, people would occasionally ask me – “how’s January at work?” And of course during the first few weeks back, when things were just gearing up, I would reply – “it’s calm! Don’t know why people hyped it up!” In hindsight, I can definitely see why people hyped it up. I guess there’s no point starting the new year at snails pace, if you want to get your business kicked off to a strong start for the rest of the year ahead. I can definitely say I’ve felt it, and there have for sure been a lot more late nights. More than anything, as you’re at the firm for longer and learn more, more responsibilities are given to you and more is expected of you (which makes sense); so it’s definitely been a tougher few months than September – December. However, one thing I’ve realised about my job is that it equips you with some really amazing skills to use for wherever it is you end up in life. I work in a client facing role so you learn so much about winning business and keeping clients satisfied (great entrepreneurial skills); along with all the other skills to do with organisation, precise work, excel/e-mails and generally finding your place within a team. Let’s just say, I’ve learned and am learning a lot.



So, it’s been a while now that I haven’t really been travelling (my last big holiday was in Summer 2016, but last time abroad was actually quite recently on a trip to Stockholm), and someone actually asked me why the other day. I’ve never really been one to travel out of the country more than once a year growing up during family holidays, it wasn#t until I started university that I found myself hopping away abroad a few more times a year. In my first year I flew off to Naples and Amsterdam, in my second year I took on Rome and Cyprus and then last year I went to Portugal, Miami, Malta (back to back to back) and ended the year in Sweden. Anyhowwww – I’m settling into work, the weathers picking up and I’m ready to get back to making good memories. When you’re bit by the travel bug its definitely hard to stop and I do believe spending money on memories and experiencing other cultures is probably one of the better things you can do with your life. This is not necessarily saying I don’t break the bank on a few frivolous items (hey, I love to shop), but I would put spending money on making experiences above spending money on materialistic items. I’m off skiing this Thursday as my first trip of the year, which means that I won’t have my regular Thursday post up! Just like you would any other job, sometimes it works to take a little break and come back even better and fresher, which is exactly what I’m going to do! I’ve never skied before so am quite excited to see how it goes and would not be surprised if I come back with a broken leg (I mean, forreal).


Looking ahead…

Looking ahead to the immediate future, I want to start combining the skills I learn at work, with the skills I learned back when I was web designing and also the skills I pick up as a blogger to start offering out tools that will help fellow bloggers with their blogs. For example creating media kit templates, and offering out an excel tool that will help you get your content and finances in order as a blogger/a creator of any kind. Of course these things take a while to formulate and put together, but those are definitely plans. I’m otherwise turning 22 soon… which feels like the official age you start to accelerate to 30. See at 16, you have 18 to look forward to, and then you have 21 to look forward to and all the while you’re (probably) still in uni. Now all I have to look forward to is 25, bills, a mortgage… all the boring stuff. In any case, not too sure how I’m going to choose to celebrate just yet, but I think after throwing an 18th and a 21st, I’ll give the big parties a rest until next milestone age.

I’ll be back next Monday! Have a wonderrrrrrful week people.

  1. I totally agree! It’s always great to spend money on memories as they will last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy your skiing trip, have fun! xx

  2. Loved this update! Congratulations on your interview and getting recognised! The idea of being recognised from your blog must feel so strange yet so exciting!

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