*Written by Joyce Raynham

I wasn’t at all shocked to hear that fringe accents were back in fashion. I was pretty surprised, however, when overalls started trending again. And I was downright stunned to hear that the clog had returned as the new “it” shoe for the end of summer and early fall styles.

When I think about clogs, I put them in the same category as the Jelly sandals we wore as children and the dingy Birkenstocks people lived in during the early 2000s — a lapse in fashion judgement made because by those young and naive. But now, designers are coming out with all sorts of new twists on this classic ’70s style, renovating it into a shoe that definitely worth coveting.

Just look at Free People’s clog options among these designer shoes, because they just seem to have a knack for putting out amazing clog styles. Alexander McQueen also put out an interesting design that involves a rounded wooden cutout, and Shellys London’s denim patchwork pair is certainly worthy of a spot in your shoe closet.

And it’s not just the clog’s new look that has girls in a tizzy over the style. As explained in this article, clogs are one of the most comfortable shoes you can wear that also give you a bit of height in the process. Sure, stilettos can make your legs look longer and your butt look higher. However, after walking around in them all day or all night, you’re feet are likely killing you, and you can rarely avoid at least one subsequent blister the next morning.

Even celebrities who are usually spotted in pencil-thin heels are gravitating towards the low-key, comfy design of a clog. Take the always elegant Alice Eve for example. Eve was spotted out and about recently enjoying a day of pedicures and pampering in Beverly Hills. Instead of fancy strappy sandals, she wore a pair of wooden clogs that peeked out under her oversized blue and floral flares. She effortlessly pulled off an outfit with her clogs just as easily as she pulls off a look with heels.

Now, maybe we can’t all be famous actresses, but this really is a look that everyone can pull off. Stick to a boho vibe, grab a pair of flares or a tribal pattern dress, and embrace this comfy and cool look for the next few months. If anything else, your feet will thank you for a break from your heels.

Buy a new pair or dig your old ones out of the back of your shoe closet, and clog on, ladies.


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