Up until about a year ago, I would constantly going through cycles in my jewellery. I’d buy everything I owned in bulk for about £15 (this is usually very easily to do in high street stores – for example you can probably buy a set of 5 rings for £10 at a store somewhere), and stack these up until they completely lost their colour in about two weeks. This was also the case with any necklaces I’d buy from high street stores. I eventually got so tired of having all my accessories looking like copper after such a short space of time that I realised it made much more sense to invest a bit more money into pieces that would actually last. This ring I was recently sent from Gemporia can now be added to that little collection of good quality, classic pieces…


I hadn’t heard much about Gemporia before they contacted me, but I’m very happy to share this pretty impressive jewellery company with you! First all of, what I love about Gemporia is the huge price range in what they offer. You can literally get something as cheap as £14, to as expensive as a £18,000 engagement ring. Clearly, there’s something for everyone.

I picked out the 1.23ct Mawi Kunzite Sterling Silver Ring, which is unfortunately sold out, but was on sale at the time from around £50 down to £30. I was on the lookout for a ring – if I get myself a good quality ring I tend to wear it 24 hours a day, even in a shower, and I was in the mood for a new one to live on my finger. A few others I considered were the Madagascan Blue Sapphie & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring, 18cts and the 1.02ct Ethiopian Opal Sterling Silver Ring. It took me ages to decide on one, and I even had to get my boyfriend involved to help me make my decision.

When you select a ring, you can download Gemporia’s Ring Sizer App to help you select the right size, which is also I something I think is truly innovative. The range of their ring sizes are a lot broader than the usual ‘small, medium, large‘ you find in high street stores. This means it definitely better caters to all of our needs.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience familiarizing myself with Gemporia, their website and how they work. Not to mention I got a really beautiful ring out of it too! I’ll definitely be recommending them to any friends looking to buy new jewellery.

On a side note: sorry for the lack of posts this week! One of my friends was campaigning to be the next LSE general secretary and I campaigned and supported so hard I felt like I was running myself. She won (woo!) making her the first black LSE gen sec. It was such an amazing moment and a great experience to be part of. Obama type things.

  1. Wow, that ring is beautiful! I’ve never really been one for rings. My mum used to buy me them when I was a lot younger, and I always lost them. Yours is lovely though! It’s great that they do the sizing online as well. I’d definitely need that!

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