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Before I get into it, please check out the interview I did recently for Citoyenne London. Citoyenne is an “online magazine for London’s up-and-coming young women” – they produce great content and celebrate great women. I was contacted to be involved a few months ago, but for reasons here and there (such as me being lazy at times), I was not able to get it done until the summer, and it was finally posted up yesterday. It’s owned by Fedora Abu who is doing a pretty good job at keeping it active, growing it and expanding it, make sure you have a read through to get a bit of inspiration from the amazing ladies featured.

I’ve just come back from the most amazing weekend break to Rome with my boyfriend (post on that will be coming soon), and whenever I go on holiday I always come home with a brand new appreciation for where I live. In Rome I was taking photos of everything, making sure I did absolutely everything on those “10 things to see in Rome” lists, and when I decided to look at a “10 things to see in London” list, I think I ticked off about… two items. It’s crazy that I’ve lived in London for 20 years, have really not seen many major sights or tourist attractions, and spend most of my time rushing around and getting annoyed when people walk slow and stop in the middle of the road. These photos snapped below by a friend were taken 5 minutes away from my uni, on the corner of a park square that wouldn’t gotten 20+ scenerey photos if I were abroad. I guess it goes back to the saying of never really appreciating what you’ve got…

    ASOS Top
    OFFICE Boots

This outfit is fairly simple, but I love the top here. For most of my life I’ve truly stayed away from patterns, so for a younger me, this is actually stepping out of the box. I bought this top days before I went to Cyprus, particularly for that holiday, and it has now become a staple in my wardrobe. I usually pair it with a cream skirt, but the black skirt I’m wearing here went missing for a year; so when it was returned recently, I had no choice but to show it a bit of love.


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