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About Me

Name: Catherine (middle name)*
Age: 18 years old
Residing: London, UK

I'm an eighteen year old sixth form student living in London. I stumbled into web design when I was nine years old when one random day my cousin would ask if I wanted her to make a website for me; and so began the days of Freewebs, Piczo and my journey to this point. Six years have passed since then, websites have been made and deleted, and this whole 'wedesign thing' has become a part of my life; it has brought me a handful of opportunities and I am very proud of all the things I have achieved, with regards to creating websites, in that time.

Random Facts

  • I cry in 80% of the movies I watch. Especially when I watch them alone, then I let loose with the tears.
  • I used to be able to the splits... but now I can't... at all.
  • Bees, moths, spiders, flies... leave it.
  • I love Michael Jackson and Harry Potter (my favourite character is Snape). :)