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My name is Kemi and I’m a blogger from London. I’ve been online for a long time – I self taught myself to code HTML and design websites at age 10, and since then have made a wealth of websites online before settling on Skylish. When I was 15 I opened up my own webdesign shop, it was my first little business adventure and for 3 years I would design and code cheap websites for others, often fellow bloggers. I decided to branch into beauty blogging during a period of obsession with makeup during my mid-late teens, eventually it transformed into a style blog, and now the lifestyle blog you see here. Skylish has since grown into my own little space on the web with thousands of followers across platforms.

I’m happy with this little space on the web where I can post open and honest posts that will make you think, laugh and maybe even learn. I talk about my life and what I’m up to, share my different experiences and also try get people thinking with various “think pieces”. I am a writer at heart, and wrote my first story at the age of 5; by age 15, these had become fully fledged, 40k+ word novels and even book series that I shared with my friends, family and teachers. Writing is a current focus of mine, along with my recipe web-based application which I’m launching in Q122, and my corporate job. They call it side hustling now, but from the time I was young, I’ve always liked to fill my spare time with passion projects.

When I’m not online, I work full time in investment banking (DCM) and I’m really into fitness – I try to fit the gym in 4-5x a week. I graduated with a BSc in Accounting & Finance from the LSE.

  • A blast into the past… find out the full details around how I how I started blogging many, many years ago

Disclaimer: Any products that have been sent to me for free will be marked with an asterix (*). Whether received, or bought myself, opinions on products are always my own. Any posts that are either collaborative posts, or sponsored posts will be indicated in the post’s tags. Links may be affiliated.


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