Happy new year people!

And yes, I am popping up shamelessly after not having written anything on here for >6 months. As per usual, having my head down in Soulful Kitchen and still finding it quite hard to balance that with this blog (and other things), is the sole explanation for my absence. I do hope that in 2024 I can be better at juggling everything, and ideally, not taking anything else on…

So, how was your 2023? The best word for my 2023 is literally “unforgettable” – for both good and bad reasons. It has probably been one of the most life changing years for me ever. If I take it all in, I’m inclined to err on the side of 2023 actually being pretty good as a whole. Even the “ugly”, in my “good, bad and ugly”, are situations which I’ve been able to walk out of with a lot of clarity, so there’s always a silver lining around every cloud.

Let’s get into it…

šŸ‘‡šŸ¾ Here’s some stuff that happened in 2023

  • I started tennis lessons! I didn’t really want to take anything else onto my plate but after playing tennis on holiday in Cancun (and being crap at it), I decide to start lessons as I enjoyed it so much. I also wanted some sort of variation to my usual gym workouts, and to have a “sport” which makes me overall more functional and athletic than just lifting weights does
  • I was blessed to travel a lot in 2023. Some highlights include 2x “summer holidays” – Cancun and Mallorca; 2x weekend breaks – Bologna/ Turin in Italy and Dubrovnik in Croatia; a couple trips to the US (for work) – New York, Denver, Minneapolis (last 2 are random, yes); and with honorable mention to usual work trips across Europe and a ski trip to Chamonix in France
  • Soulful Kitchen gained more steam behind it – more on that below
  • Fostered more meaningful relationships with family (including new family), and friends
  • Saw 2 of my favourite artists perform live (Burna Boy and Asake)
  • Continued on the journey of health and fitness (one that literally never ends). I am definitely the strongest I have ever been, and can run the fastest I ever have in my adult life. My progress in the gym has really improved since I started doing programmes >1 year ago. Mainly because the programmes truly get me to push myself, vs. me making up my own workouts. I have also started going to the gym before work (I started work at 7.30am, so you can imagine how early I start the gym). Morning gym sessions aren’t easy but I love them as a way to start the day. I’m also able to stay more disciplined as my time in the morning is completely mine, and that’s not always the case in the evenings
  • Grew in my role
  • Definitely got burnt out. Towards the end of the year, I was travelling a lot for work, keeping up 5.30am gym sessions, playing 1.5 hours of tennis on Sunday, filming every week for Soulful Kitchen, and working so intensely every day in my job – I was so tired that it felt painful. This Christmas holiday has been so needed for rest and I am (somewhat) ready to get back to the real grind of life – but hopefully not to the point of any burnout next year
  • Last – but could never be least – I got engaged!
  • burna boy, london stadium, tennis lesson
    Burna Boy concert; first tennis lesson



šŸŒ©ļø The difficult times

2023 will be in the books as one of the more, or even the most, difficult years of my life. While I can look back with more clarity on some things, in the eye of the tornado it was emotionally scarring. Tears have been shed, headaches from being so upset have pounded on, and still my emotions vary day by day. What I learned this year is actually – I’m stronger than I thought. I’m going to blow my own horn and say sometimes, I’m impressed with how much I was able to keep my spirit up and still be overall happy, despite the car crash that was happening to and around me. However, it’s not all just me – my family, friends and loved ones came absolutely clutch for me this year, and without that, or the distraction of just being genuinely busy and focused on other things, it would have been even harder.


šŸ“ˆ Soulful Kitchen picking up steam

…On to some positive things! Another year in action with Soulful Kitchen, 1.5 years overall, with a website re-design also taking place this year. This year, especially from mid year, I started to see the momentum behind Soulful Kitchen pick up. Tons more engagement and interest in what we’re doing. Soulful Kitchen is a project I will continue to plug away at, and I hope it can move another leg higher in 2024. It’s a project I believe in, and I’m excited to see where we end 2024.


burna boy, london stadium, tennis lesson
Soulful Kitchen website


šŸ’ Getting engaged

Getting engaged is definitely the most life changing part of my 2023. After 9 years, Levi proposed on the top of a mountain in Dubrovnik in Croatia (and yes, I saw it coming ;)). Knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, someone that makes you so happy, in a relationship that has (for the most part) been pretty efortless, is such a warming feeling. I’m really excited for our future and how we will continue to grow and build together.

Now – for wedding planning! It’ll be a 2025 affair. What I’ve already learned about weddings in the space of 2 months is that everyone has views on how they think weddings should be – and everyone feels really strongly about their views. Whether it be how many people to invite, how much money to spend, and even the location of the wedding – I have had opposing views on all of these topics from many people. In any case, advice is always great and useful to consider, especially as people have experienced it before you, but ultimately (of course) it’s yours and your partner’s wedding so you should do what you both want to in the end – and you should be headstrong in that fact.


šŸ’­ Recapping my 2023 resolutions

1. Grow Soulful Kitchen meaningfully – I am definitely satisfied with the growth/ momentum in SK this year
2. Start writing my book that I want to finish by 30 – Eek. Guys I have 1.5 years left and this has been my resolution for 2 years…nothing has been achieved!
3. Continue to work on drowning out the noise and focusing on my own path in life – I think I’ve done quite well here. I’ve struggled in the past with taking everything people say to heart, and fearing that I’m taking the wrong steps in life. I’m now at peace now with knowing people have different views, but your life is your own
4. Get in the best shape of my life! – I’m really happy with my gym progress this year, and taking up tennis. I plateaued somewhat (with some goals) from ~May time. This year I definitely want to stay more disciplined with how I eat (i.e. healthier). I tend to go off script when I travel, but given I travel so often for work… it happens way too much!
5. Strike the balance of juggling Soulful Kitchen, my blog, the gym and my book (and, a life) – Let’s try this again next year please


āœļø My 2024 resolutions

1. Better balance my passion projects
2. Continue to grow Soulful Kitchen – including good revenue
3. Continue to grow in independence in my role
4. Invest wisely and more aggresively
5. Lose a few kg
6. Read 1 book a month


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And with that, I hope it’s not another 6 months until I’m back! Here’s hoping for a 2024 filled with health, wealth, love and peace. Have a good week!

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