2015 has really been something amazing. I’ve been going around these past few weeks telling myself 2015 was pretty crappy and stressful, and of course, there were many crappy and stressful times. But when I really sit back and reflect on it, it’s been a year of extreme growth, learning, and achievements. Naturally, everyone changes as time goes on, but I’ve never changed so much within the space of 365 days as I have this year. In terms of confidence, mindset, and the people in my life, its been a big year of change.


2015 in blogging…

I’ve switched things up a lot around here this year. First of all, I’ve changed the look of my whole blog this year. Second of all, I’ve started taking higher quality, bigger photos, and in terms of outfit photos – I’ve finally ventured outside. In September, upon a new academic year, I did ask myself whether there were any more society committee/sub-committee roles I might want to try and go for, but I decided instead to put all my extra time into my blog. It’s taken a while to learn how to balance blogging with uni, but I’m finally at a point where I can genuinely put more of my heart into this blog and its quality. I’m really excited to see what the new year brings for Skylish. Blogging is wonderful when it comes to opportunities, and I’ve been able to work with more amazing people this year, go to my first London Fashion Week, and even interview with a few people here and there.


2015 in accomplishments…

Two of my 2015 resolutions included leaving the year with a 1st or a 2.1, and leaving the year with a graduate job; these are two things I have now achieved. I put in a lot of work this year and am happy to know no matter what, I will be walking out of uni with a 2.1 in my degree (although, I’m still aiming for that 1st!) It is such a blessing to have a job and contract signed before I’ve even graduated, I worked so hard in my internship and it really did pay off. I started uni telling myself I wanted to be an editor for my university newspaper, and two years on this is something I’ve finally managed to push myself to do this year.


2015 in friendship…

In terms of friendship, there have definitely been some big changes in my life. In particular, this year I lost a friend that was very close to me in a huge flame of drama and stress. As I said above, people change naturally, including myself, and sometimes this change is so big that a friendship can run its course. This is something that really got me down for a little while, for many reasons including involvement from other people and a few more friendships being destroyed unnecessarily – howeverrrrr, time is a great healer. It’s funny because I look back and think about the things I was really getting upset about some months back and laugh about how much these things just don’t cross my mind or affect me anymore. One of the best things you can ever do for yourself is to get rid of negative influences/people in your life, and I really stand by that. I spent a lot of my second year with a dark cloud over my head, always wanting to just be at home with my family whenever I was in my flat, but I am now in one of the most peaceful and happiest places I’ve ever been it and it feels pretty good. I really do have some amazing people in my life, be it family, my boyfriend, my girls “from home”, my beaurriful flatmate or other uni mates; it’s so important to know who’s really going to be there for you when you fall and to always have that in perspective.


2015 in relationships…

From 2012-2014 I was that girl forever screaming about how ‘alone’ I was. Any boys that crossed my paths were always a shambles, and after a few months of having my time wasted, I’d always return to screaming out about my single-ness. We’ve all been there before, and to be fair, most of the time I was complaining with one or more fellow single friends. I think this is quite a natural thing for a lot of people to go through, and its funny now to look back on. In 2015 I passed a year with my boyfriend (we celebrated in Rome), and what can I say, he has absolutely changed my life and made me into such a better person, he is my number one team mate. My mum always told me this when I was younger and I always keep it in mind even years on, it’s so important to be with someone that lifts you up.


2015 in lessons…

2015 taught me that if I really want to be the person I one day want to be, I needed to have a bigger thirst for success. It’s taught me to put things in to perspective, and always see the bigger picture – which links to the biggest things I’ve learned this year, which is to be a bit more careful about who I let into my life.

And finally…

2015 resolutions…

1. Graduate with a 1st in my degree
2. Finally reach a point where I am happy with my body (beach body 2016, maybe?)
3. Grow Skylish even more in terms of its quality, readership, and social media impact
4. Travel more – leave the country at least 3-4 times
5. Learn to stop leaving things to the last minute
6. Revamp my makeup and brush collection
7. Continue to grow in terms of confidence and positivity

Hopefully I can stick to these!

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a very busy year! Good luck with all your resolutions. I was always on the border of a 2:1 and 1st throughout my degree, and luckily I just managed to get one. Hope you get it!

    It’s so great that you have a job lined up though! I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get one for ages after uni. At least you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll be doing something after uni!

  2. It definitely sounds like 2015 was a year of change for you, like it was for me! Getting rid of negative is THE MOST important thing we can do for ourselves, and only when we do so can we achieve everything else that we want to. That’s great you have a job coming up and that you finally have met the person for you!

    I hope you have a great 2016, it’s been so long since I’ve read your blog!

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