2015 Fashion Favourites

I didn’t do blogmas this year as I knew posting everyday, whilst trying to do my uni work and going to family events as the Christmas season permits, would probably not all be very feasible. However, I’m doing my own very minor twist on things, and since Christmas day have decided to post, mainly “yearly roundups”, every other day. Two days ago I broke down my 2015 beauty favourites, and today I’m breaking down my 2015 fashion favourites…

My blog has experienced some good growth this year in readership, opportunities and more than anything – quality. It wasn’t until March this year, that I finally ventured away from taking photos on my tripod, in front of my bedroom door; by doing that, I have been able to get some way better quality photos in more interesting locations. I definitely thank my boyfriend for getting me to push myself out of my comfort zone and not be scared to: 1. ask friends for help taking photos, and 2. take photos with pedestrians walking by. aAs he put it – “what’s the point in doing something if you’re not going to give it 100%?”

St. Pancras International – These first photos were taken by my friend Ope outside St. Pancras International in King’s Cross; she has a real passion for photography so the photos turned out to be some of the best I’ve taken on this blog. What I love about this look is the contrast the pink coat from New Look* gave to the all black outfit, this coat is always great for picking up a monochrome outfit.

Floppy Hats For The Summer – My boyfriend had been asking to get involved and take photos for my blog for a while, and eventually took these photos for me this summer (funnily enough, getting him to take photos for me these days involves me having to drag him out), there are a few things I love about this look – first I like the mixture of gray tones in the outfit, and of course I love the addition of the floppy hat from Topshop.

Childhood – Some more recent photos, shot by my friend Andre (we take most of each other’s photos), I am still so in love with this Zara pinafore. It was a slightly more out of the box buy for me at the time, but now I wear this pinafore probably too much.

Hyde Park – These again were taken by Andre – I really, really loved the location for this outfit, plus it was also post-internship and post-holiday so I was feeling pretty good. This outfit is fairly simple, but the crop top here is one of my absolute favourites from ASOS due to its shape, I wear it all the time.

Sunday. – These were shot by my boyfriend; I love these photos as they remind me of the summer. Although I was on my internship, my weekends were free, and usually busy enjoying the sun. I’ve had this Love Label playsuit for years now, the best thing about it is its versatility – wear these with some heels and dramatic makeup and you’re easily into a Mayfair club, wear these with boots and a floppy hat as I did here and you look perfectly geared up for a day out in the sun.

Fur Collars – Photos here by Andre; these feature my favourite coat at the moment. I don’t know what it was, but this winter I decided I absolutely needed a black, faux fur collared coat. I was quite late to buy a winter jacket, which means a lot of what I came across was sold out, but I finally found this beauty on Lasula Boutique, a website I hadn’t actually come across previously. I wear it almost everyday.

Let me know if you have any favourites! Expect a new post on New Year’s Day, until then – hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve!

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