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Last week in Times Square, New York

Hey guys… long time no blog! One blog post a week shouldn’t be so difficult to push through – and to be honest – it isn’t. But, recently I’ve been suffering from a serious writer’s block. I’m talking 4+ weeks of not really knowing wtf to talk about (if you’re wandering why my last post was just a repost of an old post, this is why…) I also spent the past week in New York and I actually didn’t even open my laptop for the entire trip – even though I brought it with me (have I told ya’ll about how my luggage ended up in Shangai? That’s a whole blog on it’s own…) Anyways, whilst I was in New York, I had a long hard think about Skylish and my presence online. Who I want to be on the internet and what I want to portray. I decided to wipe the slate clean and give you all a little update of what’s been on my mind.


Refocus: Time for a rebrand

If you know much about me at all, you’ll know that at the ripe ol’ age of 10, I taught myself how to code CSS, HTML and PHP. For a while I’d even code and design websites for other people for a bit of change. My love for coding slipped away when I started university (doesn’t university kill so many things?!), this was right before knowing how to code became as cool as it is now – and before it gave you the edge that it does now. Anyhow, because I know how to do simple coding such as this, I have always coded Head to toe. That said, my knowledge is still back in 2014 and it’s 2019 now – I am limited in what I can do here and I want to do more. So I’m going to finally go ahead and pay someone to re-create and design this blog. I cannot wait to give it and up to date and crisp look! Sometime this week, I’m pop my adverisement up on People Per Hour to get the ball rolling.


I’m a writer at heart

I reached a point on my Instagram page where I felt like it wasn’t quite representative of me – and more me just trying to follow the formula of what makes a #fblogger. As much as I like taking photos I got tired of scrolling through my feed and seeing the same photo (of me no doubt) but in some sort of different free clothing. Ironically, you may be surprised to hear that I don’t actually even shop that much myself. I don’t even enjoy shopping. I tend to shop either i) if I’m going to an event and I need specific or new clothing (rare as I usually wear what I have already), ii) if I want to shop here and there for work, iii) if say a friend of mine wants to pop into Zara and I come across something I like once in there and iii) once every summer, before I go on holiday. I used to feel like, as a fashion blogger, I had to shop every single month. I needed to stock up my wardrobe. But I found I was buying tons of poor quality clothes that didn’t stand the test of time and to be honest, from an ethical perspective, I probably wasn’t supporting the best brands. Going forward, I just want to be more concious of what I put out there and also who I work with. I really don’t feel the pressure to not “doublewear” these days and also, whilst I still do post lots of fashion bits on my Instagram you will also see that it’s taken on more of an overall lifestyle approach rather than the BAM FASHION BAM BAM approach. Instagram is great, but my social media account exists to supplement this blog. This blog is my big passion because I’m a writer at heart and I just want to make sure my persona I’m displaying is aiding exactly that.


The projects I’m working on

  • Skylish Fit – Once upon a time in 2016 I left the gym after a pretty half hearted session and told myself “I know one day I’ll want to take this really seriously – make it into a lifestyle change. But that day isn’t today… where’s the cake?” Fast forward one year later, and a combination of my clothes no longer fitting and the rise of fitness influencers on social media led me to pick up weights for the first time. Let’s just say, the rest was history. Over the past 1.5 years, I have developed a genuine passion for health and fitness. I love working out and how it makes me feel and I love making tweaks here and there to better my overall health and happiness. I always had it at the back of my mind to start a health and fitness instagram page but felt like I didn’t have a “good enough body” for it. One day, I decided this sort of thinking was both silly and unproductive; and without needing much convincing, I set up my page. Starting a new project is so exciting and I really am enjoying filming and editing the videos and sharing all the little things I’ve learned and experienced since 2017. IT’S LIKE I’VE FOUND MY CALLING. Jk, kinda… but please check it out and support!
  • DAME Collective – DAME is a (pending) professional clothing label that offers affordable luxury to the new age women. In short, all of us working ladies know that it’s not easy to find something crisp and sleek to wear to work – whilst still being trendy, affordable, ethical and most importantly… high quality. That is the whole ethos and challenge that DAME tackles. Building DAME from the ground up is such an experience and I really am taking it day by day. To be honest, there’s periods where progress stops for a while, then it reboots again, then it stops. Right now we’re chugging along. What I can promise is that we will reach the finish line and I know I will always feel so fufilled at that end point. But, as you can see already I do have tons going on (I told someone I wanted to sign up to weekly dance classes the other day and they said don’t you already have enough to worry about?! – did I also mention I want to learn a language and how to swim…? If only the days were longer and tiredness wasn’t a thing), and so, one step at a time is my motto.

And – there you have it. These are the biggest changes that are going on at Skylish at this very moment. I am super excited to begin on this rebrand, I’m so excited to be focussed and back on my own path and honestly, I’m excited for these new projects. Yasss.

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