Every now and again I like to write up a ‘life lately’ post where I choose a few of my favourite photos from Instagram over the last few weeks, and use them as sufficient guides to explaining what I’ve been up to both in my personal life and on this blog. I try to post daily on my Instagram (using the word ‘try’ strongly, my life is way too boring sometimes and there’s only so often a girl can do a throwback upload!), so definitely give me a follow here


Travelling | This first photo was taken last September in Cyprus. I flew out with a few of my girls from home right after my internship and we stayed for a week. Being on the beach in the sun with no worries at all is definitely something I miss. We had quite a few nights out, but it was still quite a ‘tame’ holiday compared to our Year 13 holiday. My journey from an absolute mess of a fresher to a much more boring third year that struggles to make it on two consecutive nights outs is definitely worthy of it’s own post.
Seeing as I start in a full time job this August/September, I’ve been trying to make sure my June and July post exams are well used. So far I’ve got Algarve in Portugal booked with the boyf, Malta booked with my girls and I’m literally days away from booking Miami with some friends! I think after two months of travelling, relaxing and (eventually) graduating, I’ll definitely be charged and ready to get on with a whole new chapter of my life – a full graduate role in Investment Banking… damn.


Exams & Weightloss? | If you really look closely behind me in this selfie, you’ll see a table full of papers, pens and textbooks. Unless I do some type of masters (definitely considering an MBA one day), this will be my last ‘revision season’, and as much as I’ll miss uni, I will not be missing this. Although, compared to my first or second year, I’m definitely stressing out way less.
I’m gonna be honest, I also took this photo as I was kind of feeling as though I had slimmed down and wanted to get some photographic evidence. I’ve been exercising a lot this holiday from uni and also eating better and I’ve started to see some progress which is very encouraging. For a week I definitely got too obsessed and found myself looking up meal supplements and shakes (with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce), but I quickly brought myself back down to earth and realised I wanted to do things the healthy way. If your’re not careful, and don’t keep yourself in check when it comes to weight loss, it really can mess with your brain.


New Projects | My birthday passed! I’ll be honest – I’m starting to feel old. I really just feel like – where have the years gone? I feel as though yesterday I was in Year 12 and now I’m about to start in a full time job where I have 28 days of holiday. Excuse me?! It’s crazy, because I spent my whole life wanting to be older, or really, just wanting to be in uni, and once I reached that point, everything was over in a flash. I find myself feeling nostalgic all the time now, I’m always reminiscing on sixth form and my freshers year at university. I think, if anything, I’m just scared about what the future holds. Afterall, we spend 21 years in education, with our years structured and paved out for us, and now everything about the get shaken. The role I’m likely to get allocated within the IB division is still going to give me a decent amount of evenings and most of my weekends. So… alongside my job there’s so may more things I want to do! Post-exams, me and my boyfriend plan to launch a media platform that showcases creatives, so look out for that, I’m also going to start offering well priced headers, logos and icons for fellow bloggers and any else interested, which I’m also excited about. There’s a lot more things I’m excited to start building upon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things start to progress over these next few years.



Moving Out | This photo was taken at last month’s Next Beauty event where they launched their new ‘Make Me Beautiful’ range, you can read a full post about that event here. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a blogger event, and this one was definitely very enjoyable and I met some lovely people.
The great thing about a lot of blogger events in London is that they’re literally always within 15 minutes of my uni flat, most of the time I get to these events by walking. I’ve absolutely loved living in Central London these past three years at uni – as cheesy as it sounds, the city is always alive, there’s always people about, and it feels like life is going at 100mph which I strangely really love. I considered moving back home for some time to save money when I started working, but after some discussions with my parents, we decided it’ll probably be easier for me, given I’ll be in a demanding job, to live nearer to my office. I feel as though my ‘life’ has shifted from the outskirts of London to the center since I’ve been at uni, so to know I’ve got a good few years left in Central is also a pretty good feeling.


Do you still live at home? If not, what age did you move out?
  1. Happy belated birthday! (Also, long time, no talk!)

    I live with my grandmother on my dad’s side of the fam, so…I’m not sure if that technically counts as not living at “home” or not? o.O

  2. It really is so nice to look back and realize how far you’ve come and just reflect on everything that’s been going on! I’m graduating this semester (in two weeks!!) too, so I really need to do that. It’s been such a wild ride!

    Via Sora

  3. Congrats on the grad job and life is moving scarily fast but you have so many new chapters to look forward too, so keep going! All the best x

    Myra, myramyla.com

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