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For a lot of us bloggers – we share and we’re fairly open with our lives. When I write general lifestyle posts, if I’m not giving some kind of advice, it’s likely that I’m giving you guys life updates – letting you know what I’m doing, and who I’m doing it with. I’ve rounded up my 2016 style favourites, advice favourites and lifestyle favourites – and today, I’m rounding up my lifestyle favourites…


My University Experience – Click here to read the post

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Who doesn’t love a good university experience post? I promise you, sometimes when I’m bored I just trawl through hundreds of university experience blogs and YouTube videos. It still feels very crazy sometimes to think that I’ve actually graduated, just because I spent the majority of my secondary school life waiting to start university, and then in a second it was all over. University, for definite, was one of the best experiences of my life, I met some amazing people there (including my boyfriend), learned a lot, and a 2.1 in a top degree from a top uni has now opened my life up to many opportunities going forward. On a day to day basis, I can’t say I miss uni (yes, even when I’m working 12 hour days), and I most definitely do not miss the studying. But I will forever say that university is, for the most part, one of the best lifestyles you can live – just due to the sheer freedom – there’s no pressure on you to do anything but get the grades, and that can be via your own methods (for example, lectures aren’t for everyone); given that most people don’t even start studying until at least April, there’s ample time to relax and work on things that matter to you, be it sports, societies, or even your own business ventures.


Life Lately: Holidays, a New Job & A New Flat – Click here to read the post

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People always ask me how I feel to have moved out of my family home and if I miss it, when technically I moved out at 18 for university, and just stayed out once I started work. I always thought I’d move out once I started working, but at the beginning of this year, I started to think it might be a better idea to stay at home – after all, I’d save up a lot of money. After chatting to my parents, we decided the better idea was actually for me to move out, just because the hours I’m doing are so long and also quite unpredictable (I could the leave the office at 7.30 one day and 11pm the next day), that staying at home and making that commute just didn’t make any sense and probably wasn’t even the safest option. Now that I live out, I think it was such a good decision. One – it makes work a lot easier when you live 15 minutes from the office and you work 12 hours days. Two – I like the independence of having my own place, I wouldn’t have wanted to have a taste of that in uni and then have to give it up. Three – I don’t know, I just really like my place, and I still get to save up! My flatmate and I started looking for a place in July/August and in the space of a week we had found our dream flat. We christened it with some housewarming drinks in September, and we’re thinking of holding another event soon if either or us could grow the balls to do so and also be bothered.


My 21st Birthday – Click here to read the post

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21st birthdays are a big deal in America because it means you can drink. Here, I’m not quite sure what the age 21 equates to, but one thing I do know is that it’s still seen as a big deal. For the longest time I just figured I’d go to Mayfair with some friends for my birthday and try and get myself a table, but then last minute my boyfriend suggested that I just host a joint party with one of his friends… and that we did. In the space of about two weeks, we found a bar, booked it, and with a guest list of over 100, threw our party. I had a good time, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t intend on hosting another birthday party until I’m at least 25. There’s just too much stress and too much pressure involved with it all. But given I threw an 18th birthday, and now a 21st – a 25th, 30th and 50th is all I have left on the cards.


A Few Home Truths About Being a Blogger – Click here to read the post

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Blogging is quite a ‘new’ thing, and because of that, many people don’t really get it. People don’t get the point of it, they don’t see how or even why you should earn from it, and to a lot of people it just seems to be this foreign thing that they really don’t understand. Even to those that get a bit about blogging, they don’t understand what comes with it – the pressures, the hard work and just the generally pretty amazing and unexpected experience. So I summed it up, in my own words, for everyone looking from the outside in.

Click on the links below to see what else I’ve reminisced on during my 5 day 2016 roundup. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing all up with my 2016 in review….

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