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2017 was a great year in terms of new opportunities; including being professionally filmed for a nude tights brand, speaking at events and on panels, and attending events with brands I support. One great thing about being a blogger is definitely the enhancement to the experiences you get to have and it’s something I’m very grateful for. Follow the jump to read about all my 2017 Lifestyle Favourites…


Shooting with Brun et Noir

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Back in the summer I was asked to appear in one of the promo videos for Brun et Noir’s new blogger campaign, off the back of their social media revamp. I’d never heard of Brun et Noir before but I loved the idea of the brand, just because something as simple as skin coloured tights is really not accessible to POC. Also, who wouldn’t get a bit excited over the prospect of being professionally filmed too? I often get asked – “off camera” – about whether or not I’m really interested in the brands the brands I work with – or is it just about the free stuff? But I mean it when I say that I only work with brands where I believe in the product they’re selling. In terms of working with brands I’m not too interested in – I’ve been there and done that back when I was first getting contacted and didn’t know how to say “no” (and couldn’t believe someone out there wanted to work with me?!) I called Brun et Noir the “answer to your nude tight woes” and I meant it. I’ve used the tights a few times since the shoot and it feels good to know I can go out in the cold, not having to let a pair of black tights ruin an outfit that would look way better with nude tights/no tights are all.


Speaking at the Purpose Meets Class Launch

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I was invited last minute down to the Purpose Meets Class luncheon put on for the launch of their new Purpose Planners. Along with some other lovely ladies I was given my own 15 minute slot to talk about moolah – all about earning from blogging, investing in your passions, managing your finances and making more money from the money you already have. I prepared quite last minute for the speech but overall I think it went well – whilst I tend to do a few panels here and there I rarely do the “key note speech” (as in, yep, that is my name on the agenda!) so this was a great opportunity and something I definitely enjoyed doing. Plus I got to learn from so many other amazing creatives (I summarised some key points in my post 5 things every blogger needs to know about branding).


Jingle Bell Ball with Debenhams

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My collaboration with Debenhams also made it into my style favourites of the year, but I had to throw them into the mix again with my lifestyle favourites just because of how enjoyable they made the Jingle Bell Ball. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were told we’d have a box with a buffet so I didn’t think too much of it, but honestly, it completely changed in the game. Having previously only been used to concerts where I’ve been wedged between sweaty people with not much room to move, to really get the VIP treatment was totally new to me and a complete spoiler (and honestly – it’s so much better! I can see why people fork out the extra $$ on the better seats!) To top it all off, I got to see some old school Craig David whilst chomping on the tastiest chicken strips with rosé in hand, what more could a girl ask for.


LSESU Women in Business Conference

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Back in university I joined the Women in Business society as their head of marketing mostly as a way for me to express my creative side (and get away from all the numbers), whilst still managing to get involved in that whole society aspect of university. I remember us all on the committee organising the 2014 WiB conference and this year I got to speak on a panel at the conference for the second time. What made this year better than last year is that I actually had some nuggets of wisdom to share. Last year I had only been working full time for two or so months, now I’d survived a whole year and could live to tell the tale and share any tips for those that were interested. All of us on the panel were bankers so we shared our experiences from a women’s perspective. The LSESU WiB society is one that is close to my heart, so I’m always happy to help out in any way possible!


Joining the Flawless Shades #FSCollective Panel

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Finally, this year I joined start up Flawless Shades’ #FSCollective panel. Put simply Flawless Shades is your one stop shop when it comes to finding beauty buys for WOC – something we’ve all struggled with before can now be found all in one place. As a panelist I have the opportunity to review products early, share my opinion, and also give my readers a cheeky discount code. It’s such a lovely brand, built from an amazing team which I’m so happy to support and I can’t wait to see it grow into a huge success! Use my code KEMI10 for 10% off you next order!

2017 Re-wind

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