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There definitely is a happy medium between having too much and too little to do at work. Sometimes in the office I have so much work to do and so many requests coming in that I literally feel like I’m having heart palpitations. Around Christmas, there was so little to do in the office that the hours literally dragged on and on. One day, I got so fed up of having nothing to do that I decided to utilise the fact I work next to a shopping centre, and took a trip to MAC in the Wharf.


I’m quite disloyal when it comes to makeup, with the only three items that I’ve repurchased time and time again being my MAC Matchmaster Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder and my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Although I’ve tried a number of concealers I’m still yet to fall in love with one so was open to trying out a lot of different ones when I went to the MAC store.

Halfway into having a browse, my friend came to join me and suggested what I try out the MAC Pro Longwear concealer, which I actually have purchased in the past but not in the best colour which meant my experience with it wasn’t amazing. After having my colour tested I went for the NW 40, and have been using it every day since.

The first great thing about this concealer is the creamyness. I apply it with my beauty blender and it’s so easy to blend in and leaves my under eye area looking nice and healthy and dewy (and you know I love a dewy finish!). Another great factor to this product is actually the application, certain bottles that you have to squeeze can often end up with the issue that you end up squeezing too much out (hence I usually prefer the doe foot applicator), however the way this is built, once squeeze is the perfect amount needed to contour your face and conceal your under eyes (which is always my biggest concern, especially as my average sleep in 5 hours).

Lasting power… we all know, MAC products bang – they’re very good. However my issue sometimes is that their coverage is just way too over the top such that the product ends up looking too thick and not very natural. This concealer I would say has medium to heavy coverage which I think is exactly what you want out of a concealer that you can use on an every day basis.

I can’t necessary guarantee with you that this will be something I continue to repurchase, as I do like to try a lot of different types of makeup, but I can guarantee that this has been the best choice of concealer colour that I’ve had to date, and that the quality of the concealer itself – how it blends, how it settles, how it looks – is one of the best I’ve tried also.

Let me know if you guys like these type of beauty post!

beauty, review, MAC, MAC pro longwear, concealer, bbloggers

beauty, review, MAC, MAC pro longwear, concealer, bbloggers

  1. Glad you liked the concealer! I’m the same with make-up – I always buy different products because it’s nice to try something new. Plus, the only product I’ve ever really, really loved was discontinued soon after I started using it, and I’ve never found anything like it since.

    I enjoyed reading this post. I’m not exactly a pro at make-up, so any recommendations/reviews are great for me.

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