I’m quite loyal when it comes to where I shop for my clothes; for example, Zara and PLT are recent staples (I’ve also been eyeing up items on Dunedin Cashmere, especially as it’s getting colder). When it comes to makeup, I’m only loyal with a few items: my foundation, my powder and my eyeliner. We can add mascara to that list as well as I recent found one that I can hands down say is the best I’ve ever tried (Maybelline Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara for those wondering). When it comes to concealers – I’m shamelessly disloyal. I have never repurchased the same concealer. I’ve definitely tried some great ones, but I have never reached the point where I’ve been so blown away that I didn’t want to see what else was out there. So, recently I asked a few friends and twitter what I should try out next – the common consensus was the NARS radiant creamy concealer


I like to go a couple shades lighter with my concealer (well, who doesn’t…), to give a bit of a highlight and also make me look a more awake because, trust me, I need it. Keeping that in mind I decided to purchase the ‘Caramael’ shade, it sounded chocolate-y enough to not make my skin look ashy, but was also light enough to achieve the look I was going for.

I definitely prefer the sponge doe foot applicator to a squeezable concealer. I just find it a lot easier to apply, in particular I find it a lot easier to apply the exact amount I want (with some concealers, you can end up squeezing out way too much). When applying the concealer, I use the doe foot applicator to spread it around my under-eye area, I then blend it in with a beauty blender (which is so amazing for blending, and something I definitely recommend everyone pick up!).

A few good points about the concealer: it’s very easy to blend in, and I guess that goes with the promise of it being ‘creamy’, it looks very smooth and natural on the skin such that it doesn’t look at all like you’ve caked your face (yet still very good coverage), and it keeps you looking fresh for a number of hours. I have fairly oily skin and a friend that recommended it has dry skin, and it works well for both of us, hence skin type isn’t even a barrier. The concealer is definitely a bit lighter than expected (it’s always hard to get the balance between ‘light’ and ‘too light’ right when working with concealer, I find), but once I finish off my makeup with my MAC Studio Fix powder it definitely doesn’t look too excessive or crazy.

Price wise you can buy it directly from the NARS website here, and also from John Lewis here for Ā£22.50, which isn’t at all too bad for a higher-end concealer. I definitely recommend!

In other news – let’s restart this Monday, Thursday blog thing again. I got a little bit held back as I didn’t realise how hard it’ll be to take photos after work when the sun’s always down. So, studio lights definitely need to be ordered. Until then, I’ve been waking up just a little bit earlier before work to get photos taken instead. Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter below to receive this Sunday’s newsletter!

What concealer would you recommend I test out?
  1. I haven’t invested in concealer in a long time, but I’ll look into this one šŸ˜€ Would you recommend it as a substitute for foundation?

    1. Definitely not a sub. for foundation, it’ll be too heavy coverage. MAC has some light foundations you could try out, I use the Matchmaster which is not too heavy coverage and also not too light šŸ™‚

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