A late night post for any night owls over here in the UK! Really wanted to get this up yesterday or even this evening but was way too busy at work. First thing’s first – looks like I’ve got myself a blog photographer! Honestly, any fashion blogger can attest to the difficulty in getting your friends/family/partner to take photos for you – you feel like you’re bothering people, people are very happy to flake, and the photos don’t always pop the way you want them to. It’s been a very difficult task finding someone to take outfit photos for me for Skylish, but I was recently recommeneded Marianne Paul, who took the photos for this post and is absolutely amazing AND efficient. Hopefully this can help strengthen the quality of content on this blog and continue to improve it!


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Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit – Shop Exact
Yumi Boots* – Shop Similar
Forever21 Blazer – Shop Similar
ASOS Skirt – Shop Similar
Swarovski Watch – Shop Exact

With a stable job and a little bit more moolah in my pocket it means I’ve been able to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit. Someone’s style I really do like is Kylie Jenner’s, and Pretty Little Thing is literally your go-to for Jenner-esque, and other generally quite stylish pieces. These days I tend to buy all my *weekend* clothes via PLT and ASOS, and work clothes via Zara or ASOS (and looking to expand this if anyone has any suggestions!)

Styled this all black ensemble with a white blazer to add that extra pop as I try and just be more adventurous with my style and take it from basic to just a bit more edgy and interesting.

What are your go-to stores for weekend clothes and for work clothes?
    1. i’ve heard that Missguided have poor quality clothes so haven’t tried them – but they have such nice pieces I’m always tempted! Might just jump the gun and try them out

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