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No matter where you’re travelling to, there’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realising that you’ve forgotten an essential item. Although there’s usually the option to go out and buy whatever it is that you’ve forgotten once you arrive, you don’t want to leave this to chance – especially if you’re travelling abroad and don’t know if shops in the country that you’re visiting stock the particular brand or item that you use. When you’re packing, it’s a good idea to put together a list of all the beauty supplies that you’re going to need, and check them off as you pack them to make sure that nothing is overlooked.


If you’re visiting a hot country, the number one beauty essential on your packing list should be sunscreen. Although you can usually buy sunscreen from local pharmacies and even tourist shops when you’’e abroad, it’s good to take some with you as you can never be sure what the prices are going to be like once you arrive. Don’t forget, if you’re taking only your cabin luggage bag from, all liquids must be in bottles of no more than 100ml.

Moisturiser and Exfoliator

Get hold of a good moisturiser – particularly one which contains the healing properties of aloe vera for after you’ve been in the sun – is essential for any summer holiday abroad if you plan to sit and soak up the sun for the majority of your time there. In the sun, your skin will start to dry out a bit – even if you’re using a good sunscreen – and the last thing that you want is flaky, dry skin. Don’t forget to take a body scrub or exfoliator, as this will help you to tan better by scrubbing away the dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Shaving and Hair Removal

Even if you have had a waxing session at the salon before your holiday, it’s always good to be on the safe side and take some shaving cream and razors, or a hair removal cream depending on what you use. This is an especially a good idea if you have body hair that tends to grow back quickly even after waxing and you’re travelling for at least a couple of weeks.

Hair Care

Last but not least, it’s not just your skin that the sun can dry out – your hair might feel drier, too. To keep your luscious locks in the best condition whilst you are on holiday, take along a good hair conditioning treatment to add moisture and protect your hair from the sun. Some hair care brands stock shampoo and conditioner with SPF, a must for those with coloured hair or hair that is already heat damaged.

What are your holiday beauty essentials?
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