A lot of things are changing very quickly in my life! For one, I’ve finally started working full time – well, kind of. We’ve started training to work full time, which is a lot more relaxed than the actual job will be, and we’ll be doing this for a good 8 weeks or so. I’ve also got a new flat! I’m moving closer to work into a (if I must say so myself) quite swanky place which we managed the bargain down the price for. As much as I love where I am now and I’m going to miss university I’m very excited to see what the future holds. In the mean time as I’ve been busy this blog has become almost like a part time job – between training and studying I still have to find time to answer e-mails, update social media and publish obligatory and scheduled post – so, to say I’ve been busy is an understatement!

Today I wanted to tell you guys about a recently discovered jewellery store called ChloBo. They contacted me asking if I’d be willing to receive and write about one of their charm bracelets – how can a girl say no to that? Founded by Chloe Moss, the brand is inspired Bali’s culture and energy.

I picked out the ‘cute mini heart in circle’ bracelet which costs £60. This may seem a little bit pricey, particularly if you are student (I’ve only just graduated and am still very in touch with the student money struggle), but it’s really worth it when you think about quality. Let’s be honest, when you buy jewellery from a lot of high street brands within a few weeks or months your pieces will end up losing their colour – essentiall, the cheap prices are not worth it. I believe it’s a lot better to spend a bit of money to get something good quality that you know at least will last.

It was quite hard to pick just one thing out from the charm bracelet collection as I actually loved so many of the items. To top it off, ChloBo also offers a range of rings, necklaces, stacks and earrings – there really is an endless supply of good quality pieces to search through. I think these charm bracelets would be the perfect gift for a girlfriend and someone quite young. Since receiving it – I haven’t actually taken it off. To add to it, it was delivered in a cute bag which I’ve kept, a box and a note detailing the meanings behind all of their charms (which I think was very cool and a nice touch).

I’ve definitely been very satisfied with the process, delivery and items offered by ChloBo. I would recommend heading over to the ChloBo website to treat yourself – or even if you’re just on the lookout for a gift for a someone else, you’re bound to find something.


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