Knee Highs

There are a few things I need in my life right now. For one, I need a photographer!! It’s always a task to rope out a friend or my boyfriend to take photos for me, and my soul is desperately crying out for a steady, reliable photographer. Two, I need a new camera. I purchased my Fujifilm camera around this time last year, which was a step up from my digital camera, but I think it’s about time now I get a DSLR; the great thing is Christmas is just around the corner for me to make that happen.


    NEW LOOK Coat*
    ZARA Top and Boots
    THE CITY RACK Leggings

Can we please appreciate these knee highs? I told myself months and months ago that I wanted knee highs, but winter was coming to an end and I didn’t really see the point or the rush. This winter, it was on my list of absolute must-haves, along with a faux fur coat and (eventually) a beanie. It really took a while to find a pair I liked, the one pair I liked on ASOS quickly sold out, then last week whilst shopping in-store in Zara, I came across these beauties and bought them straight away. Definitely a great purchase as they’ve very quickly become a staple in my wardrobe – they truly have the potential to dress up a plain outfit into something just that bit more “glamorous”.

My outfit was very monochrome so I paired it up with this New Look jacket that is now entering its second winter in my wardrobe and still serving me well. The top is a casual from Zara I bought just after I got my job offer!

If you can help me out in terms of photographs, please e-mail!

The knee high boots trend – what do you think of it?

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