A little while back, I was contacted by Maple Holistics and asked if I’d be up for receiving any of their products to share my thoughts on this blog. If you haven’t heard of Maple Holistics, they are a US based beauty brand that develop and manufacture their own cruelty free, all natural cosmetics. They focus mainly on shampoos and conditioners, but I have loads of those. I instead decided to go for something a bit more obscure, and a bit more necessary for my needs. Foot scrub.

Not the prettiest thing to visualise, but I’m sure not the only girl out there with feet that are in need of some TLC, and that’s exactly what I got from this product. This product made the seemingly impossible, 70% possible.

Before I dive into the outcomes, a bit more about the product itself. It’s a scrub, just like the body scrubs we use to pamper ourselves. The product has quite a strong smell, I’d say fairly comparable to tooth paste, and although it’s a scrub, it’s really unexpectedly runny, meaning you have to be careful when opening it to assure you don’t make a mess. It doesn’t feel like you’re pampering yourself when you’re using it, and that’s fine, as you’re not looking to replicate a spa day, you’re looking to get into the really nitty gritty of some seriously in need feet.

Did it work? It mostly did. After a few weeks of using it, my feet started to feel much softer to the point my boyfriend urged me to continue my usage of the product under all means. I tended to use the product once a day. Recently, I’ve been a bit too lazy to use the product as regularly, and my feet have started to lose their softness again, which is definite evidence of the fact that the product works. I’m almost finished the container completely now, and it’s definitely an item I’d consider repurchasing – most definitely one I’d recommend. I say it worked 70%, as I didn’t necessarily end up with the softest, squidy-est feet ever, but I definitely noticed improvements!

Please check out more of what Maple Holistics has to offer over on their website, their blogger connection is sponsored by Edumuch, who you should also give a look.

Let’s talk about feet – what products do you recommend?
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