Outfit Repeater

What you can’t tell in these photos is that I actually took them in 4 degree weather, and if you look close enough, you can definitely see hairs standing up on my legs…

Photos: Marianne Paul

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A smart casual look for today as it has been forever since my last style post! I purchased this two piece from Pretty Little Thing a while back and actually wore it to last season’s LDN Fashion Week. However I didn’t ever get any great photos of it so decided to do the unthinkable (jk) and re-wear it for a second blog post. The grey coat definitely complements the pink tones quite perfectly, and we can’t forget about the addition of my Kate Spade! I bought this around Christmas and it’s actually the first designer bag I’ve ever bought for myself (it’s not exactly a Gucci, but definitely wasn’t cheap!) With more sales around the corner I’ve now got my eye on a YSL – I’ve become utterly addicted to window shopping bags in my free time, with my aim just to get just a small collection of timeless bags that can last me years and years going forward.

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  1. Love this look! I love seeing outfit repeats too – it makes me feel a lot better about repeating my own repeats xD

    Love the combo tho, definitely will try a similar look myself.

  2. Your coat is so pretty and goes perfectly with your outfit! I’ve been into bags lately as well, I think they’re worth investing in because they last you for years and years xx

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