I met up with two friends the other day for some burgers and hotdogs in Wetherspoons and a long, overdue catch up. On our way back from having some chill time in the park, we found the simplest location – a door way – and took some photos.


Photos: DevCartoon

NEW LOOK Blazer (via the VCSwapShop)
MICHAEL KORS Bracelet (via the boyf)

I used to be absolutely obsessed with blazers and would wear them with pretty much all of my outfits. I still have a couple hanging in my wardrobe, but these days they really tend to collect dust, so I decided to whack this blazer out to style this outfit the other day. I exchanged it for some unworn clothes at the #VCSWAPSHOP last year.

Whilst digging through my wardrobe, I came across these boots. I literally bought these at the very beginning of first year at Urban Outfitters and genuinely forget they existed. I found these scrunched up in a corner where I keep all of my shoes. I think they were a pretty good addition to this outfit, they also just so happen to match with the door colour.

In other news… once upon a time, when I was 15 years old, I decided to open up a webdesign shop. For three years I sold coded webdesigns usually to fellow bloggers and sometimes, website hosts. I shut that down late last year as I just didn’t have the time for it, and was also losing the passion for it. But I think losing the passion for it outweighed/contributed to the timing issues. I’ve decided to open it back up, but remix it. I want to sell coded webdesigns, wordpress websites and also expand to selling blogger layouts. After all I started off coding websites and web designing before I primarily decided to focus on beauty/style blogging, and I’m slowly starting to miss it. I can jot down any ideas I have now, but the hard work and the building of this new shop/website will really have to start after my 9 week internship (so, September). The hope is to launch it by 2016.

Lastly – happy Fathers’ Day to all the wonderful dads. I gave my brothers at least 3 days notice that Fathers’ day was coming up. Are they still currently trying to buy presents and cards on the day of Father’s day? Of course.


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