Switching it Up at LFW

London Fashion Week’s September session has officially started and I got the chance to attend some shows on Saturday. LFW is always a great experience and a fun time to get dressed up and appreciate some creativity. Men’s fashion week may be next on the agenda as I intend to fully utilise all of my weekends now that I’m working full time…

With stable monthly income (finally), I’ve decided to completely switch up my wardrobe. Expect to see some items previously featured here up for sale on Depop soon enough! My style has always been quite cute – crop tops, skater skirts, doll shoes and vans, but I’m just very ready to switch up my image into something a little more crisp and sophisticated now that I’m out of uni and actually growing up. I genuinely feel for the fist time like I’m getting a lot older – I’ve got my own place, work full time and have even started saving for a mortgage. I’m definitely going to miss the care free days in education, but am definitely happy to leave behind being a poor student that lives in their overdraft.

One place I’ve started shopping at to spruce up my wardrobe is Pretty Little Thing, most of their items I love, and they definitely kick me a out of that ‘cute’ phase and hopefully into something just a little bit cooler. I’m shopping a lot more now so expect a lot more looks on this blog that will probably feature a good amount of PLT and Zara.

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JD Williams Boots – shop exact*
Pretty Little Thing Co-ord – shop similar
New Look Jacket – shop similar*

I couldn’t say goodbye to my crop tops completely but thought this one was a little bit more sophisticated when paired with a fitted skirt. I whacked on my JD Williams boots to finish off the look and finally wore an old New Look leather jacket I have to make it a little bit more casual. I’ve had this New Look jacket for over 2 years now so I’m definitely looking to replace it pretty soon!

To get a bit more of an insight as to what I got up to at LFW on Saturday, check out my Instagram where I’m sharing a few of my faovurite looks from the shows! I also know that a few of my readers would have just gone back to school so am thinking of writing up a school themed post for all those interested, if so, please shoot any questions or topics to admin@skylish.co.uk


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